Stout 2-Into-2 Unfiltered Exhaust System
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  • System features new Unfiltered headpipe system with a pair of Stout 4" mufflers
  • Headpipes feature a 2:1:2 design that substantially outflows the stock unit
  • Headpipes utilize the stock H-D heatshields for a clean appearance
  • Has 12mm O² ports
  • Non-disc-based, massive 4" Stout mufflers feature a streamlined, internal-Tapered, billet aluminum end cap with recessed fasteners
  • Inlets shaped for better flow; utilizes a more traditional core to target a higher spread of power, providing more mid-range rpm up through redline
  • Hand-crafted system provides a bold, strong power curve from mid-range on up
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Disclaimer: The California Air Resources Board (“CARB”) does not permit the use of aftermarket emission-related parts, devices, or systems that alter the performance of OEM emission-related devices unless CARB has issued an Executive Order, other than on racing vehicles on closed courses. Check your local laws and manufacturer's information.

  • Item #: r6c1800-1922

Stout 2-Into-2 Unfiltered Exhaust System

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