Road 6 Customs Frisco'd T's handlebars
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Switches are for Bitches! 

Our new "Frisco T's" are the answer for anyone building a skinny Frisco style chopper with their narrow 20 3/4" tip to tip width (this can be trimmed down to make them even skinnier!) and 9" total rise height. Fits tripple tree's with 3.5" center to center mounting holes. (All harleys except Springer models)

Manufactured from thick 1"x12ga tubing, TIG welded in America by Americans!

The weld joints are coped for a nice tight fit prior to welding. This means no Grand Canyon sized gaps to fill in with weld, keeping the welds nice and tight and super strong!

We use an actual machined, stepped, threaded and chamfered bung on the bottom instead of just jamming a nut up the bottom. What does this mean to you? Run over them with a tank, they wont break. 


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Road 6 Customs Frisco'd T's handlebars

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