Road 6 Customs Frisco'd Bars, handle bars for Springer!
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Road 6 Customs Frisco'd Handlebars for Springers

With our "Frisco'd" bars, your getting a much better bar, and here is why...

USA MADE = Better Steel, Better Welds, Better Powdercoat, Better Quality Control!! They are built in our shop from start to finish! NO WAITING ON THE SLOW BOAT FROM CHINA!!!

Our parts are all TIG welded by certified welders. Our powder coat looks light Wet Paint, (China powder coat looks like Spray Paint!)


Specs:  10" Rise,  28 3/4" tip to tip, 1.75" of pullback. INSANELY COMFORTABLE!  Knurled on 4 3/4" centers. 

1" diameter bars


Made to order

These bars are designed for internal wiring which is AWESOME if your running switches on your handle bars. But if your a Bad Ass Mo'Fo and not running any turn signals or other switches just call us and we can build you a set with no wiring holes.

Be a man... Run American made parts on your bike.

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Road 6 Customs Frisco'd Bars, handle bars for Springer!

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