Oil Filter Mounting Bracket Kits
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For 99-06 Twin Cam (except 06 Dyna) and all S&S T-Series Motors

  • Billet oil filter mounting bracket for Twin Cam engines was specially designed and created for the S&S 124" Twin Cam engines, but makes a great cosmetic and functional upgrade for engines built with stock Twin Cam crankcases as well
  • No voids or other casting defects in the material to cause leaks
  • Position of the filter has been shifted slightly to give additional clearance between the filter body and the crankcase for easier filter installation and removal
  • Also machined to make it easy to install an oil cooler in the pressure-side of the system; if a cooler is not needed, simply install the pipe plugs in the threaded holes in the filter bracket, instead of the hose fittings
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Item #: r6c0712-0059-0312

Oil Filter Mounting Bracket Kits

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