Memphis Fats & Slim Trigger-Lock Mount Kit FXD/FXDC/FXCW/FXCWC
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Gone are the days of fumbling with tools to remove your windshield


  • The revolutionary No-Tool Trigger-Lock hardware features an innovative system that allows you to quickly and easily remove your windshields without the use of any tools
  • A pair of latches lock the windshield down until the spring loaded "trigger locks" are intentionally disengaged, allowing the rider to remove the windshield
  • Hardware is fully adjustable to achieve just the right windshield angle
  • Kits are available in a combination of CNC-machined aluminum plates, stainless steel bolts and aluminum anchors, or black E-coated plates, bolts and anchors
  • Kits are custom-fit to each style of bike for a truly no-hassle installation
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Allow changing from Fats/Slim to Sportshield or from Sportshield to Fats/Slim without purchasing the entire mounting hardware
  • Mounts Memphis Shades Lowers to most motorcycles
  • Each kit contains two fork clamp/mounting assemblies and all necessary hardware to mount Lowers plastic
  • Kits can be used with select Memphis Shades windshields and several OEM windshields
  • Sold in pairs; must order Lowers plastic separately


  • Item #: R6C2320-0029-0083-4

Memphis Fats & Slim Trigger-Lock Mount Kit FXD/FXDC/FXCW/FXCWC

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