Ignition and Coil Kits for 71-85 XL
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  • Complete electronic ignition systems built with the latest state-of-the-art engineering
  • The same ignition used by top drag and road racers to set records and bring home victories over the past decade
  • The Dyna S is completely housed behind the ignition cover and uses a magnetic rotor with the original advance unit, so the factory advance curve is maintained
  • Coils provide spark voltages in excess of 30,000V and spark energies second to none
  • The DSK61 Dyna S and coil system includes a DC7-1 high energy coil
  • The DSK62 Dyna S and coil system is designed for single-fire applications; includes two DC10-1 Dyna coils
  • Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: Later models will require the use of a mechanical advance unit.

  • Item #: r6cdsk61-2

Ignition and Coil Kits for 71-85 XL

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