Fully Synthetic 20W-50 Motorcycle Lubricant
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  • This fully synthetic base oil teamed with our selective additive package yields exceptional viscosity, stability and lasting antioxidation qualities that cannot be derived from conventional base oils
  • Specifically engineered and produced as a multi-fill lubricant for Harley-Davidson® V-Twin motors, transmissions and primaries
  • Remarkable film strength and heat protection
  • Long-lasting protection against engine wear
  • Outstanding protection against sludge buildup
  • Excellent sealing characteristics providing maximum power output
  • Meets all warranty performance criteria for Harley-Davidson® engines and does not void new vehicle warranties
  • Meets and exceeds API CI-4/SL service rating
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  • Item #: r6c3601-0356

Fully Synthetic 20W-50 Motorcycle Lubricant

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