Drag-Ness Stealth I Mirrors
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  • The original chrome and matte black Stealth mirrors are available in clear or "Blue Sapphire" tinted designs
  • "Blue Sapphire" design looks great and helps reduce glare
  • The original Stealth I mirror with a 43/4" stem; works great on most pullback and Ape Hanger bars
  • Stems fit all Stealth mirror heads plus most OEM and aftermarket OEM-style mirror heads that thread at the mirror head
  • All feature familiar stud-style mounting common to other mirrors, or we supply chrome socket head Allen bolts for a new style of custom mounting
  • Oval head measures 5" x 21/2"; right- or left-side installation
  • Mount on clutch or brake lever housings and most custom mounting applications
  • Mirror head screws and pivots are stainless steel
  • Sold each
  • Item #: r6cds302150-0640-0287

Drag-Ness Stealth I Mirrors

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