"Click-Slick" Petcocks- 22MM Raw Brass
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  • Manufactured from 360 brass and stainless steel ball bearings and components; available in raw brass finish
  • Available in Backward, Downward, Forward or Straight Facing
  • Features detents for quick, effortless switching from "On" to "Reserve" to "Off"
  • 90° movement between each detent ensures positive transition when riding
  • Stainless steel internal ball bearings provide virtually friction-free petcock handle motion
  • Valve position firmly held in place and unaffected by vibration
  • Can be modified to fit custom tanks and/or be set to determine amount of reserve gas available with any custom gas tank
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Item #: r6c0705-0061-62-63-64

"Click-Slick" Petcocks- 22MM Raw Brass

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