"Big Flip" Seat Pan by Road 6 Customs
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Don't fall off the back and tear up your crack! 

Tired of sliding off the back of your seat? Having a hard time finding a pan that fits your frame? Look no further! 

We were having the same issues, so now we are making our own "Big Flip" seat pans.

These pans are constructed of heavy 10ga steel and have a large radiused "flip" in the rear to keep you from sliding off the back when you twist the throttle, hit a pothole, do a wheelie or whatever trips your trigger. The large flip also allows you to run shorter springs, keeping the seat nice and low to follow the lines of your frame and eliminate the "sliding forward" feeling. Hands down, best shit in town. 

These pans measure 10 1/2" wide and appoximately 14" long. They come with 2 holes already in them for the hinge. There are no rear mounts on them (not all frames require the same rear mounts!) This allows you to move the seat forward and aft to get it setting right where you want it. We have weld on rear mounts available also.

These fit our hardtail frames awesome, but we have tried them on different after market frames as well (Paughco, Kraftech etc. Which we are also dealers for...) 


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"Big Flip" Seat Pan by Road 6 Customs

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