Airhawk Longhaul 2-Up XL Seat
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  • Does not accept drivers backrest
  • Airhawk's patented system eliminates painful pressure points and is fully customizable to each rider’s contour
  • Each seat is embroidered with the exclusive Drag Specialties Custom Stitch Pattern using Charcoal Gray Thread
  • The result is the custom design and production capabilities of Danny Gray with Airhawk’s clinician-approved Dry flotation® technology
  • An integrated pump and relief valve makes it possible to adjust the air pressure while seated
  • Designed with wider seating surfaces and generous back support, this seat was made for the long haul
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Now, riders can enjoy the same benefits they’ve always known of Airhawk but have it built into a revolutionary seat
  • Seat has two inflatable air cells
  • The Airhawk's Comfort Seating System is now integrated into the seat
  • With this patent-pending design, riders can also appreciate continuous airflow through the seat, reducing heat build-up and keeping them cool and dry; no hot seat
  • Item #: r6c0801-0672

Airhawk Longhaul 2-Up XL Seat

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