509 Chain Drive Cam Kit, S&S, FREE SHIPPING!
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The 509 Touring Cam is designed as a bolt-in, high torque cam for 1999-’06 models, except 2006 Dyna®. 180 psi cranking compression, no need for compression releases. For 88 CID engines with stock compression ratio. Idle-4500 rpm.

 Can be used with stock valve springs.


With the current popularity of baggers, it’s no surprise that the S&S 551 cams for Harley-Davidson® touring bikes have become a favorite with late model bagger riders. The only problem is that, due to the .550" lift, the 551 cams can’t be installed in early (1999-’04) Twin Cam 88® engines without also installing a set of high lift valve springs. That means that the heads would have to come off just to install a cam. That’s a lot of work and added expense!


Based on the success of the 551 cams, S&S has come up with new 509 bolt-in torque cams that work with stock valve springs in 1999-’04 engines. Like the S&S 551 cams, the new 509 cams are great for low and  midrange torque, but the 509 cam’s lower lift allows them to be bolted into stock 1999-’04 engines with stock valve springs. That saves a lot of time and money on the installation, which makes the S&S 509 a lot  more attractive to owners of older Twin Cam 88 powered bikes. Of course, the 509 cam also works great in 2005-’06 88" engines, except 2006 Dyna® models. Available in chain drive and gear drive versions.

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509 Chain Drive Cam Kit, S&S, FREE SHIPPING!

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