428-2 x 82 Primary Chain
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For 36-06 Big Twin, 84-06 FXST/FLST and 91-05 Dyna; repl. OEM #40007-36A/B

  • Only premium quality, raw material and upgraded components are used for these replacement Primary Chains
  • Increased durability from component upgrades leads to increased wear life and greater tensile strength, allowing this chain to outperform the competition in strength and value
  • Finely polished plates and components allow for fluidly smooth movement
  • Feature solid bushings, a component used only in high-quality chains that lend to higher stiffness, durability and wear resistance
  • 428-SERIES features 2% higher tensile strength compared to other genuine brands and 600% higher wear resistance compared to other genuine brands
  • Item #: r6c1120-0339

428-2 x 82 Primary Chain

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