3" HP-Plus Chrome Slip-On Mufflers
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  • Patented steel construction baffle now features more high-temperature fiberglass packing, provides significant gains in horsepower and torque and exhibits a distinctive, throaty sound
  • Use all factory mounting hardware
  • OEM heat shields may be retained
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: ECM units on fuel-injected models need to be recalibrated if used with free-flowing air cleaners and/or modified engines. Muffler shells may discolor if ECM units are not calibrated correctly.

NOTE: These mufflers are designed for use on closed-course competition motorcycles only and do not conform to U.S. EPA noise emission standards.

  • Item #: r6c1801-0148-0156-0524

3" HP-Plus Chrome Slip-On Mufflers

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