2015-2016 Road Glide Road 6 Customs Standard Apes 15" x 1 1/4" and complete cable kit!


We all know the stock bars on the new Road Glides suck...

Specifically designed for the new 2015-2016 Road Glides, these bars work with all of your stock clamps and hand controls making installation a breeze.

Currently Available in 11" and 13". We can do taller upon request. 

Shown are the 13" bars which are as tall as you can go with your stock hydraulic lines and your stock wiring reaches as well so all you need is the bars! Anything taller than the 13's your stock cables will not reach.

These are VERY simple to install! You can do this yourself with basic tools in under an hour! Everything you need to get to is under the speedo/tach so you do not have to remove your fairing!

Machined for internal wiring, TBW and deep knurls to keep them from rotating. 

Gloss black powder coating. 

33" tip to tip.

6 1/2" pullback for perfect ergonomics!

Complete Cable kit includes black cables. Includes all parts needed to install these bars on your bike. Select for ABS models or NON-ABS models.

  • Item #: r6c2015/16RGstandard&cablekit

2015-2016 Road Glide Standard Apes 15" x 1 1/4" & Cable kit

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